ORP Meter

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a scale used to determine how strong the oxidizing process is in a liquid. Tap water for example has a very low ORP value while on the other side, chlorinated water will have a very high ORP level. In essence, the ORP level informs you on how much disinfecting (oxidizing) power is present. 

Oxidation and Reduction are related to a chemical process involved with the exchange of electrons. When we talk about a chemical that loses electrons, we talk about Oxidation. When we talk about a chemical that gains electrons, we talk about Reduction. Both reactions can happen at the same time, that is why ORP is also often called Redox (Reduction Oxidation). You can read more about ORP right here.

ORP Meter

ORP Meters are precision instruments designed to measure the Oxidation Reduction Potential in a liquid on a scale from -1999mV to +1999mV. Quality ORP meters will always have a platinum or gold probe for increased accuracy and stability.
Our Meytec®GT-200RX ORP Meter is the only instrument you need in your inventory to measure the accurate ORP level of any liquid. Our latest edition of this meter has truly been designed with durability, professionalism, and user-friendliness in mind. A shock-proof design with IP67 water and dust rating. Large and bright high-resolution LCD display, replaceable ORP electrode, easy calibration and as always, we include a bottle of premium Meytec® ORP calibration solution in the box. Find out more about ORP meters here.

ORP Meter applications

There are many applications and industries who rely on an accurate ORP Meter to measure the Oxidation Reduction (Redox). Most common examples are water-treatment facilities, wine and beer making, electrolysis and electroplating, mining…
A good example would be drinking water or pool water treatment. When we add chlorine (oxidizer) to a liquid, we increase its disinfection potential. With our ORP Meter we can measure the ORP level and make sure it is above a certain level. We need it to be high enough to kill the bacteria and viruses, but low enough that it is still safe to drink or swim in.

ORP is the worldwide standard for automatic dosing and disinfection systems for private swimming pools. In general an ORP level between 650 and 750 should give you an optimal, healthy pool with enough disinfection power.

ORP Meter Calibration 

Inside your ORP meter or ORP electrode there is gel, over time this gel will lose its efficiency, just like a battery that is slowly losing its power. We can correct this loss of accuracy by calibrating the ORP Meter. When we calibrate an ORP meter, we tell the software exactly what mV it should be measuring by using a ORP Buffer Solution.
ORP Meters require less calibration than their pH cousins. If you are unsure if your ORP meter requires calibration, you can simply put it into a reference solution to check how far off the setpoint it measures. If it is within an acceptable degree, for example +-10mV you do not need to calibrate. Should the difference be higher or lover than 10mV, a calibration is highly recommended. We advise you to calibrate a least 1 time per month or every time you require the highest accuracy from your ORP meter. Find your ORP Calibration Solution right here.

ORP Meter maintenance and storage

ORP Meters do not come cheap for a reason. They are sensitive instruments that are expensive to produce because of the high accuracy that is demanded of them. Take care of your ORP meter and you will enjoy it for a long time.
Always put the protective endcap back on the meter, never let the electrode be exposed to air for a long period of time. We recommend you add a few drops of KCl Storage Solution to the cap of the meter, this will protect the ORP electrode from drying and prolong its lifespan. If your ORP meter becomes unstable or it won’t calibrate any longer, you need to replace your electrode. With the Meytec® GT-200RX ORP meter you can simply unscrew the ORP electrode and replace it with a new one without having to buy a completely new tester.